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iPEC Coaching

You are light, light is energy, without it you are lightless. Energy is the source of all created.  Everything in the Universe is energy, moving at various frequencies. The higher the frequency the closer you are to spiritual energy. At the lower frequencies, you experience lovelessness.

What would it look like if you master your energy? Vibrating at a higher frequency where little or no energy is needed to create the world around you? Where you live from abundance rather than scarcity. A being of creation and love? What do you think that would do for you and the challenges that you face at this moment?

Bruce D Schneider, Founder of iPEC Coaching created a coaching tool to help you not only Master your creative energy, but also created a system whereby we share this unique style of self empowerment.

iPEC Coaching is the #1 ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching school in the United Sates.  Founder, CEO Bruce D Schneider PhD, is a Master Certified Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist and a pioneer and innovator in the filed of professional coaching.