Congratulations! You have chosen to Live! To awaken to the possibility that you make the difference in the challenge that you are experiencing at this moment! To awaken to the possibility that your desire to be recognized as a person with fears of the unknown and not just a diagnoses of a disease is the difference between surviving this disease or thriving through the challenges that it presents.  You have unconsciously opened the doors to a personal and unique journey of not only the world of Health but also the powerful relationship with yourself.

It’s not like you rejoice when you get the news that the life that you have planned/build will not quite work out the way you envisioned it to be. There’s no handbook that helps us navigate the physical pain, deep emotional sadness, hopelessness, or “why me” anger of a life-altering diagnosis of an illness. The moment the words of the illness are spoken, your brain probably started to trigger the related symptoms of the illness because the words are uttered by the one person you not only trust your life with but who is also your saviour. This is also where the illness then becomes the disease as you unconsciously begin to play out the role of the illness.

I remember the exact moment when I decided that becoming crippled and deformed from the disease was not my future.  I lived every moment of every day living as if I was healed.  What I didn’t know at that moment is the power of my decision that went forth into the universe to bring into existence, the Angels to guide me through this challenging illness. I didn’t have the answers, I only knew that the doctors’ lack of compassion to a then young and vibrant 31-year old woman was not acceptable, and I decided (unconsciously) my life was worth  fighting for and to not accept the status quo.

A  burning Desire to heal, A Belief that I’m healed, Courage to take action regardless of the evidence around me, is why I’m here today thriving and living disease free.   Dignoses can be converted into stepping stones on which your true strength and purpose lies.  It’s not a path many take as Desire, Belief, and Courage are merely words without Action. The Core Energy program is designed for you to move past the ordinary acceptance into the extraordinary.  Step into your power, it’s your destiny.